Celine Dion: who are her 13 brothers and sisters?


Everyone knows the star and “show girl” Celine Dion, but we know her 13 siblings much less. And yet, they are almost all artists, like her.

We know Celine Dion, the Canadian superstar, who gave 1,144 performances at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. But we know much less Celine Marie Claudette Dion, the youngest of 13 children. Almost all of them are artists. The 14 brothers and sisters spent their childhood bathing in music. Therese Dion, born Marie-Therese Tanguay, their mom, played the violin whileAdhemar Dion, her husband and father of the Dion tribe, played the accordion.

According to his mother, Celine Dion is that of his brothers and sisters who had the greatest artistic potential. Very young, the Canadian singer stood out from the others. But his brothers and sisters are not lacking in talent. Claudette Dion (71 years old) and Ghislaine Dion (61) are both singers. Claudette Dion also published a book called “The sisters of …”. Linda Dion (60) is the author of the book “The key factor”. Jacques Dion (64) is a conductor and musician and Michel Dion (67) takes care of the logistics of his little sister’s gigantic concerts, Celine Dion. Siblings unfortunately lost their father Adhemar Dion in 2003 at the age of 80, one of their brother Daniel Dion in 2016 at the age of 60, and very recently their mother. She was nicknamed Mom dion and hosted a TV cooking show. She died on January 17, 2020 at the age of 93.

Celine Dion can always count on her family

All the children had the opportunity to practice on the family piano. The brothers and sisters even wrote songs together. It is also Therese Dion who wrote to Celine Dion his first song at the age of 12. A song one of his brothers will send to Rene Angelil, considered to be a producer. They fall madly in love and will found, not without difficulty, their family. In 2016 Rene Angelil died at the age of 74, leaving behind three children from his union with the Canadian superstar. Today Celine Dion lives with his three sons, Rene-Charles, Nelson and Eddy.

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