PS5: here is what its final design and new interface might look like!


The PlayStation 5 is still talking about it. And this time, it is with the help of new visuals that the Sony console is revealed. On the menu: sketches and a photo of its design, as well as a capture of its interface.

Sony PS5 sketch

After the information leaked about the price and the date of presentation of the PlayStation 5, new information about the Sony console has just arrived. This time, it’s “possible” design of the console that we can observe, so its environment.

A few sketch of the SP5 have recently surfaced on the web. These drawings would come from a patent application from Sony, even if nothing has been confirmed, this design is ultimately quite close to that of the PS4, closer in any case than that of the version dedicated to developers and which has been circulating on the Web for several months. The console always uses a design by double layer. Note, however, the presence of a excrescence on the coast. These same sketches are confirmed by a stolen photo of the console. Although blurred, the picture of the console unveils an “X” console. Here again, we are very far from the U-shaped design of the version reserved for developers.

Sony PS5 Interface

At the same time, it’s the PlayStation 5 interface that also leaked. As the photo below shows, this is a preliminary edition of the environment and stamped version “0.100.020”. As you can imagine, certain graphic elements will certainly evolve between now and the final release of the console. Despite everything, it looks very similar to that of the PlayStation 4. But there is a navigation system by tiles, a blue background with icons representing the different buttons on the console, etc. Finally, last information provided by the photo of the interface: it shows that the console is provided with a 1 TB disk. It is most certainly an SSD, Sony having already confirmed that its console would benefit from ‘such a storage unit to speed up the loading speed of games.

According to the latest rumors, the PlayStation 5 will be presented on Next february 5. Nevertheless, it will probably have to wait until the last quarter of 2020 before seeing the console land on the shelves. But rest assured: by then, we should be brought to absolutely know everything about the console, whether through new leaks or official information.

Sony PS5 stolen photo

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