The monumental zasca of Maria Jimenez to Bertin on his return to ‘My house is yours’

The monumental zasca of María Jiménez to Bertín on his return to 'My house is yours'

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Maria Jimenez, in ‘My house is yours’. (Telecinco).

Almost a year later, and after dodging death, Maria Jimenez has returned to ‘My house is yours‘. The singer has opened the doors of her house to Bertin Osborne to talk about her life after passing almost three months in the ICU.On his return, Bertin has had the detail of give him a salt shaker new to Maria Jimenez after the little one accident during their first encounter, in which the singer threw down the artist’s glass vessel.

Bertin chatting with María Jiménez. ('My house is yours').

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Bertin chatting with Maria Jimenez. (‘My house is yours’).

Bertin chatting with Maria Jimenez. (‘My house is yours’).

A nice touch that has not helped Bertin Osborne to conquer the artist, as soon as you start the interview has criticized the Telecinco program for issuing his talk with the presenter while Maria Jimenez fought against death.

The Zasca by Maria Jimenez

“On all televisions they announced that I had the last minutes of my life, and you took advantage and put the program, mamones“Jimenez said.” It was planned, “Bertin replied, who has not convinced the artist.” No, Was not planned“, Maria has sentenced before moving on to another topic, probably for mercy with the guest in her house.

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