Alpe-d’Huez Festival: five French comedies that we loved


They already made us laugh at the Alpe-d’Huez comedy film festival, and they are coming out soon. Do not miss these five comedies!

The nugget: “Casually”

It is the nugget of the Festival. First feature film by Mathias Mlekuz, Lensois of origin. This grandson of a bottom miner dedicated his precious public prize “to the genius of the workers”. Here, genius is not what is lacking. To save their disused mine destined for destruction, a core of diehards decides to reconvert the site into a very artisanal amusement park with recycling equipment.

Arnaud Ducret and Philippe Rebbot, but also Helene Vincent, Melanie Bernier or Rufus are the axes of this re-enchanted merry-go-round which has required six years of preparation, is timely with social news and has a big heart like that. Released February 26.

A crown for “Miss”

A long standing ovation greeted the performance of Alexandre Wetter, model and androgynous actor, in “Miss”, by Ruben Alves, already public award in 2013 for “the Golden Cage”. Orphan of his parents who disappeared in a car accident, Alex dreams from childhood to one day be Miss France.

Collected by a court of miracles with Isabelle Nanty as a surrogate mother, he tries the adventure, led by Lola, that embodies Thibault de Montalembert in transvestite as pathetic as upsetting. President of the Miss France Committee, Sylvie Tellier plays her own role there, and gave her voice to this project. We imagine it to be quite successful. Released March 4.

“Strong”, smoothly led

She would have deserved a prize for female interpretation. Ramzy’s little sister Melha Bedia revealed by the stand-up, made her first steps in “Forte”, by Katia Lewkowicz, whom she co-created. She is there Nour, overweight, who the boys are fleeing and lets Sissi (Valerie Lemercier) convince her to take pole dance lessons. Irresistible dialogues. Unlikely situations overtaken by naturalness: “Strong” has all the assets to help a whole generation to accept themselves. Released March 18.

We marry “Divorce Club”

Ben (Arnaud Ducret), real estate agent, finds himself humiliated in public by his wife with whom he was, five years after their marriage, still madly in love. The latter having asked for a divorce, he finds in a group therapy circle his friend Patrick (Francois-Xavier Demaison), full of aces and who offers him to live with him in his luxurious house. Soon, it is the lair of many injured birds, all members of the Divorce Club… Arnaud Ducret realizes a hilarious performance of anthology, and the result is called to celebrate a beautiful marriage with the public. Released March 25.

“Everything smiles at us”: a two-faced smile

Audrey (Elsa Zylberstein) and Jerôme (Stephane de Groodt) offer the image of the ideal couple. Except that… Everyone with a solid alibi, both have the same bad idea, the same weekend: take advantage of their country house to take their lover there. This modern score for Feydeau does not take long to get complicated, veiled by the illness of the grandfather (Guy Marchand). When comedy plays on both counts, to make us smile and wring our hearts out, it’s great art. Released April 8.


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