An actor whose film is in the running for the Oscars back in Tournus


“I love movement”

Damien Bonnard, a 42-year-old actor, first gained notoriety in 2016 with his first role in Stay vertical by Alain Guiraudie. Which will earn him a nomination for the Cesars in 2017. Another will come in 2019 for Freely ! by Pierre Salvadori. Year when it is also shown in six films, including I accuse and Wretched , special Jury Prize in Cannes and in competition for the Oscars.

The acting profession

“I wanted to be an actor when I was 28 when I came back from Canada where I built boats,” recalls Damien Bonnard. I left college in the third grade and worked in a lot of jobs. I love movement, I have always had an interest in discovering other terrains. I do the same as an actor, I have fun with very different roles. That doesn’t stop him from being selective in his choices. “If the subject and the director are decisive, often I choose to make a film because there is an echo with my life or my thoughts. It gives me fewer opportunities, makes me less money but I started quite late in this business and I don’t want to waste time. His decision taken, he devoted himself fully to his profession. “I have shot many short films, it took me 10 years to make my place. At first, I was limited in my range of play but it evolves over time; playing is like a muscle, it improves when you work. “


“We have just written and co-directed, with Alexis Manenti, a short film which will be presented in Cannes. He also started writing a feature film with an American director, whom he hopes to shoot before next winter. He also plans to get on the boards. “I am terribly afraid because it is another aspect of the game but it seems that theater is a drug. “Finally, he just finished an audio fiction with Emmanuelle Devos, The cloud , exclusively on Spotify, which comes out on January 30, and we will see him in a small role in the last Wes Anderson which should also be presented in Cannes.


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