Brigitte Macron on TF1: “My problems, I manage with”


“I know I am still two years old and I will do it,” she says in the mini-report that precedes her interview with Gilles Bouleau, organized during a visit by the first lady to the hospital. Robert Debre in Paris. Brigitte Macron, who succeeded Bernadette Chirac as president of the Fondation Hôpitaux de Paris – Hôpitaux de France in 2019, has just launched the 31st edition of the “Yellow Pieces” operation. The opportunity to make a short media appearance – barely five minutes; and talk about his daily life as a first lady, between light and shade. “I do not believe I am disconnected from people,” says the one who receives a hundred letters from French a day and who opened the Vocation Institute for Jobs (Live) in September, where she teaches literature or drama once a month. “I am a granny, I am a mom, I am a teacher, I lived people’s lives”.

“I am not a potiche”

Today she is the first lady. His house is called the Élysee. This is another thing. Gilles Bouleau indicates that those who preceded her in the role were often unhappy. “Those I met were not as steep,” she says with a smile. We all managed to make our way, we all found a form of happiness at the Élysee. ”Brigitte Macron, she sees the president early in the morning and late at night for dinner. In the meantime, she fulfills the missions that she has set herself, to respond to the missives of the French, to work to find solutions for them, to visit children in hospitals. “I am not a potiche”: the phrase is inscribed on a vase placed on a chest of drawers in the east wing of the Élysee, where it has its quarters.

In video, “yellow pieces”: Brigitte Macron launched the 31st edition collection

“I don’t have to spread my moods”

Nor is it porcelain. “My problems, I’m coping with it,” she said when asked about the criticism she suffered (on the part of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro in particular, on his physique, his age …) arrive. “I don’t have to spread my moods in the public square. When I have something on my heart, I write it to myself. ”This Thursday evening, Brigitte Macron did not come to mope. Nor to do the after-sales service for its president. But still, a few sentences skillfully filter. “Emmanuel is the same as twenty years ago, completely unchanged” or “it only keeps going on in France, when I saw that, I said to myself that I only had to to accompany. The will is him ”.

Here, the first lady takes the opportunity to give her explanation on the origin of the little sentence of her husband “I cross the street, work I find you”: “The day before, we were at the restaurant and the restaurateur told us “The first one who crosses the street, I give him a job, because I need workers near me”. And this sentence that Emmanuel said at that time, is the sentence he had heard, that the restaurateur had said the day before, “said Emmanuel Macron’s wife, adding that he reproached him this sentence launched to a young unemployed during the heritage days in September 2018, and regularly cited by critics of the president. “I said to him” you are in the precincts of the Elysee Palace, it’s complicated to say to a young man a sentence like this “. Obviously, we don’t have to say it, “repeated Brigitte Macron,” but sometimes we have sentences that come out spontaneously, that damage our image, but it’s too late, the sentence is said. We are in an era where a word can condemn you and you are reduced to that word indefinitely ”.

The first lady says that she is well aware that everything will stop – maybe – in two years. The little over-mediatized sentences, the spotlight on their couple, the driver, safety … And after ?, questions Gilles Bouleau in conclusion. “I only project myself into the present,” answers Mrs. Macron. In any case, what I want or not does not have to intervene. He will do what he wants, and I will be there for him. ”

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