France stands by the Lebanese people


Le Quai d´Orsay reacted to the incidents this weekend in Beirut, incidents between demonstrators and the police, which left more than 480 injured, according to the still provisional report.

The French authorities recall the legitimacy of the demonstrators’ demands in view of the serious socio-economic crisis and stresses the urgency for a new government to be put in place to carry out the necessary reforms.

France is concerned about the violence observed in recent days in Lebanon. It stresses the need for the legitimate aspirations of the demonstrators to be expressed by peaceful means and reaffirms its attachment to the right to demonstrate.
In the serious economic and social crisis facing Lebanon, and given the recent violence, the urgency is that a new government is implementing a credible set of reforms to meet the expectations expressed by the Lebanese for more than three months.
France intends, as always, to stand alongside the Lebanese people.
Quai d’Orsay press release

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