Huawei, Honor and Sony think it’s too early to launch smartphones over 100 MP


Huawei and Honor have long worked with Sony on the photo part. However, news from Honor and Sony suggests that the three manufacturers will remain, unlike Xiaomi and Samsung, away from the megapixel race in 2020. Honor in particular, explains that beyond 100 megapixels , it is no longer possible to have photosites large enough to capture enough light. The three groups thus seem to bet more on an increase in the size of photosites beyond one micron.

Mate 30 photo sensors

Xiaomi has launched a Mi Note 10 with a 108 MP photo sensor and in 2020 Samsung is expected to follow with at least one Galaxy S20 with a 100 MP photo sensor. After years of calm, the race for megapixels in smartphones therefore seems to have picked up again. Nevertheless, is it really reasonable? Is a sensor with increased definition necessarily better? These two questions seem to be dividing the industry a lot right now. So much so that two camps seem to be forming. Honor is clearly in favor of a different strategy.

Larger pixels are better than more pixels

The Huawei subsidiary explains in an interview in the Chinese blog article MyDrivers: “When you reach 100 MP it is difficult to exceed a size of 0.8 µm for photosites. We believe with Sony that a pixel size of 1 µm or larger will provide the required high-end image quality and sensitivity. In 2020, our flagship will resolutely choose larger photosites ”. Honor and Huawei are part of the same group. And the MyDrivers blog therefore expects Huawei to follow exactly the same path.

The site explains that “The next generation of Huawei P40 flagship stores will use five photo sensors. The main sensor is a custom 52 MP Sony sensor ». The physical size of the sensor would be 1.33 ″ to precisely have the largest possible pixels and capture more light in photo and video. The site further notes that while rumors have been raised about a new Sony 100MP sensor to be released in 2020, this leak has so far not materialized with any solid information. Knowing that Samsung has already been manufacturing 108 MP sensors since August 2019, Sony does indeed seem in no hurry to follow the same direction.

Source: MyDrivers

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