“I was sure of myself,” agrees Gael Monfils after his victory against Ivo Karlovic in the third round of the Australian Open – Australian Open (H)


“Is it a good victory because it’s never easy to play a server like Karlovic?”
It is not easy. In addition, I started the match very badly, I made two double faults. In fact, the first game, I rushed, I was a little tense. I didn’t warm up well enough, I needed to serve a little more. I stayed on the field after the warm-up, I chained the match immediately, I did not go to sit down to cut two seconds, to put the tactical plan back in mind. I got a little stressed out on my own, it went very quickly, there is a challenge that affects a millimeter! I said to myself : ”Well, it starts well. ” But, I was sure of my physique, sure of myself, to stay in my strategy, saying to myself: ”Look, if we don’t do it in three, we do it in four or in five (Sets) ”.

Your coach (Liam Smith), at the exit, noted that your attitude had been excellent, even if he would sometimes have liked to see you a little more aggressive on certain passings?
I really followed the plans to the letter, even too much. He wanted me to serve first-second, he even said to me: ”Use the second balls ”. We found that the slower we served, the less it returned. But at one point, I was serving too slowly and he was making forehand shifts! I went a little too easy and at the same time, I also tensed.

“I expect a great match (against Ernests Gulbis)”

It takes a little luck in tennis and, on the second set ball, at 7-8 in the tie-break for Karlovic, you had a bit of a passing that took the wind to fall in the corner short!
On this ball, frankly, I feel it because I hit it well, but with the wind, it’s true that I don’t realize it and it ends up exterior skylight! I look at my agent, he beckons me “Ah, I feel like it’s good”, but I feel it is not good (smile) ! But that said, it was well typed and I was rewarded. And it was one of the first times I really got into passing.

In the next round, is the Latvian Ernests Gulbis, who has made a pretty and unexpected journey so far?
He likes the Grand Slams Ernest. He’s someone who loves big games. He made a half to Roland (in 2014), it was Top 10 (the same year), he beat the strongest. I expect a great game. I played it not so long ago in Challenger in Taiwan, I had won but I hadn’t laughed. I expect a big game. I hope to play my game. It is up to me to be aggressive and to shake it up. “

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