“It was great” … Patrick Puydebat talks about his relationship with Helene Rolles


Patrick Puydebat and Helene Rolles in “Helene and the boys” on TF1 – ELDER / TF1 / SIPA

The mystery is finally over, twenty-five years later. Patrick Puydebat, Nicolas in Helene and the boys, cult sitcom broadcast from 1992 on
TF1, confided in his relationship with his play partner in the documentary Dorothee, Helene and the boys: Generation AB Productions, broadcast Wednesday on
TMC. His words were relayed by Tele Loisirs, this Thursday.

“I have often been asked about my relationship with Helene and I understand that it makes you curious,” he explains. I have always kept silent out of respect for her because she is a very secretive person who cannot bear to talk about her private life. ” Before launching his little bomb for the 1990 generation. “Well, I tell myself that 25 years later, there is a prescription. She won’t hold it against me. So yes, we shared a few years of romance … and it was great. “Unfortunately, we won’t know any more.


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