Ivica Zubac who posterizes Collin Sextape, very soon in the sexton 2019-20 collection


One more night in the NBA history ledger, and some obviously took the opportunity to put on the show. What was the craziest thing that night? Who went higher? This is where it happens, and we let you go to the room to try to reproduce what you will see below. Let’s go.

Who says new season says new formula, and this year TrashTalk will take advantage of the Top 10 to inform you every morning of everything you need to know to be smart about the coffee machine. At your service my good lady, that makes us happy.

It happened on January 15th

  • 1892: the thirteen inaugural rules of basketball are officially registered on the side of Springfield.
  • 1965: Wilt Chamberlain is sent to the Philadelphia side. Not enough scorer according to the Warriors.
  • 1990: Don Nelson becomes the second man to appear 1000 times on a match sheet, as a coach and / or player.

It was a year ago

They were born on January 15

It should also be noted that today is Remy’s Day but also the birthday of Mary Pierce and Marius Tresor, that makes this something to remember.

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