Songwriter David Olney Dies During Performance


Songwriter David Olney Dies During Performance – Les Inrocks

David Olney at the 30A Songwriters Festival 2020 (Youtube screenshot)


01/20/20 3:11 PM

The artist died at the age of 71 on stage in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

The folk singer americana seems to have suffered a cardiac arrest while performing on the stage of the 30A Songwriters Festival in Florida, on the night of Saturday to Sunday January 19.

As he sang a song from his repertoire, Olney paused and apologized for the break, before positioning his chin on his chest, according to the Facebook post from songwriter Scott Miller who accompanied him on this date. Miller continues: “He never let go of his guitar and did not fall from his stool. It was simple and sweet, as it was. We brought him down and did our best to revive him until help arrived. The world lost a good person last night. But we still have his work. And it is an inspiration. And always will be. Rest in peace. ”

Amy Rigby, performer and composer also present on stage that evening, also testified to the tragic event on Facebook : “He was motionless, sitting upright carrying his guitar, with a very cool hat and a superb rough suede jacket […] at first it looked like he was taking a simple break.

Finally, the 30A Songwriters Festival his tribute to the singer on Facebookwith a post by Russell Carter: “David was loved and greatly respected by everyone who knew him, including his musician friends and fans. […] Iconic songwriter Townes Van Zandt once said ‘Whenever I am asked who my favorite composers are, I answer Mozart, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Bob Dylan and Dave Olney. Dave Olney is one of the best composers I have ever heard – and it’s true. I say it from the bottom of my heart. ”

Being one of the pioneers of folk americana with a discography of more than twenty albums, Olney will have largely laid his stone in the edifice of American music.

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