these personalities who refused to wear a thong proposed by Arthur!


Next January 31, TF1 will present an original show entitled, Stars a Nu.

This adaptation of the British format “The All New Monty: Who Bares Wins”, presented by Alessandra Sublet, and directed by Chris Marques and produced by Satisfaction The Television Agency. On the program: two exceptional evenings during which men and then famous women accepted this challenge in order to raise awareness about screening against testicular and prostate cancer (which represents 25% of male cancers) and against breast cancer (the most common cancer in women with 12,000 deaths in 2017), the chain said.

“We all ended up having sex in the air”

In a week, seven male figures will throw themselves into the bath. Viewers will see Adam, the former figure skater Philippe Candeloro, the model Baptiste Giabiconi, the actor Franck Semonin, the animators Bruno Guillon, Alexandre Devoise and Olivier Delacroix. And finally, the ex-model and actor Satya Oblette.

One of them confided in this experience at the microphone of South Radio. It’s Bruno Guillon! The presenter of z’amours related this evening, which millions of people will discover in a few days

“We were at the Lido so there were 2,000 people, the room was full and we really did it. Arthur had said ‘If you are not comfortable, there are little skin-colored thongs And we could have put them, but we all said to ourselves, ‘Guys, we do it’ and none put them “, he revealed.

But finally the group made the decision to assume their nudity until the end.

“So we all ended up having sex in the air. Which is funny since today when I do other TV shows, the people who were in the audience and who watch other shows don’t watch me. not at all with the same look. I have a little granny not too long ago who took me by the arm (…) and made me ‘I saw you at the Lido …’ but with a little look of … “, he remembered with humor.

A week later, around seven women will imitate the men.



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