“We are presented with a bill, we do not know how much it will cost”, denounces Philippe Martinez


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9:00 : “I have a file whose procedure will last until 2021. If the reform passes, I will have put the key under the door by then. I say what to my client?”

Aurelie is a lawyer at the Paris bar. She is convinced that if the reform is adopted, it will shut down.

8:56 : Will they be able to continue practicing their profession if their pension contributions double, as provided for in the government reform? This is the question posed by these lawyers who are already struggling to make a living from their profession. I collected the testimonials of three of them.

8:50 : Hello @Is that so ! Yes, France was lit by torches opposed to the pension reform last night. “Torchlight retreat, tattered retreat”, chanted the participants of that of Rennes. In Toulouse, Nantes, Marseille, Metz and Bordeaux also, retreats have been organized. For its part, the northern prefecture has banned the demonstration in Lille and Seclin. And in Paris, a procession of several thousand people linked the Place de la Nation to that of the Republic.

8:49 : Hello France Info, I do not find any trace this morning in your articles of the “torchlight retirement” demonstrations which apparently took place that night in very many cities, notably in Paris. can you tell us more about this? Thank you.

8:17 : Hello @npi. National education unions have called for a strike today. It is difficult at the moment to give a precise number of teachers mobilized, but the week has already been marked by protests against the tests for the new baccalaureate. If according to the government the rate of high schools disturbed was only 10%, during the last days of demonstration against the pension reform, the teaching staff was very mobilized. I recommend you this article of World, which reports on new forms of protest in this environment.

8:10 : Hello, I’m in the 12th, parents of students are blocking Oeben college. Do you know if other establishments are blocked? What about the mobilization of teachers? Thank you and good luck for this day

7:52 : The social partners must find resources by the end of April to the tune of 12 billion euros, according to the government, to fill the announced hole in the pension system by 2027. The financing conference, scheduled for 30 January, will it turn short like the negotiations on unemployment insurance? We looked at that question.

8:11 : “We have to read the newspaper to have a meeting date … We don’t even know the terms.”

Guest of the “4 Truths”, the general secretary of the CGT expressed his dissatisfaction with the government, and in particular with regard to Edouard Philippe, who announced in the columns of The cross that the day of negotiation on the financing of the reform with the social actors would be held on January 30. “The reform is not yet adopted”, he also justified, asked about the days of mobilization to come.

7:40 : The mobilization of the last chance? On the 51st day of the strike, the intersyndicale which brings together the CGT, FO, Solidaires, the FSU, the CFE-CGC and youth organizations is still demanding the withdrawal of the pension reform. And today calls for a seventh day of interprofessional action marked by demonstrations, work stoppages and spectacular actions. We summarize you what’s planned.

7:21 : Hello @ Pascal_b45. We take stock in this article on what is contained in the draft bill presented to the Council of Ministers this morning. It should in particular be known that the precise terms of transition between the two systems will be defined by ordinances. Have a good day !

6:42 : Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announces in newspaper interview The cross (subscriber link) that the financing conference proposed by the CFDT will be held on January 30. This conference should make it possible to find the means to guarantee the financial balance of the future system.

6:37 : According to the government, the introduction of a pivotal age at 64 years would make it possible to save 3 billion euros in 2022 and 12 billion in 2027. But after the temporary withdrawal of this notion, what are the other tracks to keep the system in balance? Several tracks have already been mentioned.

7:37 : One of the sticking points of the pension reform is the pivotal age. While the unions are calling for its outright withdrawal, the government has shown (a little) flexibility on the issue. Theequilibrium age “, as the executive calls it, always in the text, but Edouard Philippe announced the provisional withdrawal of the short-term measure, intended to replenish the balance of pension funds by 2027.

7:39 : Today’s news program:

New mobilization day against the pension reform, while the text is presented this morning in the Council of Ministers. Large disruptions to be expected in transport, especially in Paris, and multiple events and “punching actions” are planned. On the 51st day of the movement, the intersyndicale hopes “maximum mobilization “ and plans to “continue and amplify actions”.

• China confirmed this morning a second death of new coronavirus outside the area at the epicenter of the epidemic, which killed a total of 26 patients. Two Chinese cities, Wuhan and Huanggang, have been quarantined. For its part, WHO considers thathe is “too early” to declare an international emergency.

• Meteo France only keeps the Aude department in orange alert, due to the risk of floods and floods. However, the alert is lifted for the Pyrenees-Orientales.

• For the first time, a regular season NBA game to be played in France. The Charlotte Hornets will meet the Milwaukee Bucks this evening, on the parquet floor of the AccordHotels Arena in Paris.

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