A convicted person for burning his ex-partner escapes with his 5-year-old son

A convicted person for burning his ex-partner escapes with his 5-year-old son

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Concentration against sexist violence

More than a month ago that a convicted man by burn to its ex partner I know ran away with his son from five years. The mother it has denounced before a Court of Violence against Women of Valencia by “Serious risk situation”, as published in the newspaper Lift-EMV.

The man, Antonio M. H., 41, lived up to recently in Massamagrell and has a violent history.

Among them is a five-year prison sentence for spraying gasoline and setting fire to an ex-girlfriend (another woman, different from the mother) in 2004. Fearing that it may cause harm to the child, the father is searching and capturing.

A police risk assessment report catalogs the victim of “extreme risk” because of the history of the abuser. In addition, he would be a repeat offender because he would have threatened to kill his son’s mother after she left the family home. “You’re going to make him commit murder in the first degree,” he threatened in a message.

A complaint of ill-treatment was filed on January 5 in Valencia, but The court has not yet agreed to urgent measures regarding the child nor has it resolved the protection order requested by the lawyer of the victim.

“This anguish and despair are killing me in life”

Yes, the court has been requested to authorize a series of interventions so that the UFAM of the National Police, responsible for the investigation, can locate and detain the fugitive and safeguard the integrity of the child.

“This anguish and despair are killing me in life,” the mother has confessed, and asks for citizen collaboration to find her son’s whereabouts: she has five years and gypsy features, long black hair, glasses, and lacks an upper tooth.


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