Appearance with daughter Jazmin Grace Grimaldi

Appearance with daughter Jazmin Grace Grimaldi

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Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, Prince Albert

Prince Albert is recognized for his commitment to the environment – and the woman by his side is not Princess Charlene that evening, but a real surprise.

Has been sitting down for years Prince Albert, 61, for the protection of the oceans. Now he was honored again for this commitment – and brought a very special accompaniment to the “Global Ocean Gala”.

Prince Albert: He poses with daughter Jazmin Grace Grimaldi

Contrary to expectations, step did not Lady Charlene, 42, with her husband on the red carpet in Hollywood. Instead of her, Albert brought another person who was important to him: daughter Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, 27. The prince and his illegitimate daughter are not seen too often together in public; the glamorous gala appearance in the USA was a real surprise.

Jazmin comes from an affair between Albert and the waitress Tamara Rotolo and grew up not in the Monegasque court, but in America. The prince completely missed the first years of his daughter’s life because of the great distance. It was only when Jazmin was eleven years old and traveled to Monaco for the first time that father and daughter met. Until then, Jaszmin said in one go Interview, a father figure completely missing.

Good relationship between father and daughter

Since getting to know Albert, the relationship with the father has been very good. Even to her little half-siblings, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, both five, they have a good relationship: “We make family meals, celebrate barbecues, go to the beach, do everything a normal family does.”

Now the good relationship with her father was finally visible again. The two posed side by side and smiling on the red carpet of the gala. To match the occasion, Jazmin chose an evening dress decorated with pearls and embroidery in ocean blue. She wore her hair tied in a strict bun, and long earrings glittered on her ears. Albert dressed less conspicuously, put on a classic suit with a bow tie and white shirt. Only the colorful pin on the lapel of his jacket caught the eye.

Jazmin Grace Grimaldi supports Albert via Instagram

Jazmin also published photos of the father-daughter appearance on Instagram. On two recordings of the evening, she wrote: “I am so proud to have been with my father at the first Global Oceans Hollywood gala in LA last night. My father, prince Albert II of Monaco, was honored for his commitment with his foundation ‘Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco, which acts against environmental threats that threaten our planet and make the population vulnerable. ”

In the further course of the text, she describes her father’s work and lists in detail what Albert is committed to with his foundation. She closes her post with the call: “We must not ignore the dangers to which we are exposed and must take measures today to save our planet!”

This is a statement that Prince Albert is certainly proud of. Protecting the environment has been a concern for him for years. The fact that his daughter is now also campaigning for this should make the prince quite happy. Despite the good relationship between the two, it must be said that Jazmin, who lives in New York, has no claim to the Monegasque throne. This privilege is reserved only for children who are from a marriage of the incumbent prince.

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