Cs warns of the “rejection” of the merchants to the “Center Plan” before “the lack of mobility alternatives”

Cs warns of the

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The spokesperson for Citizens (Cs) in the City of Seville, Alvaro Pimentel, with Aprocom

In this regard, he said in a statement that “there are more and more voices that warn that this government is about to repeat the same mistakes that have already caused the Center Plan to fail in 2011,” since “a decade later they have not the deficiencies that caused the withdrawal of this measure have been solved, “he said.

Pimentel, which has held a meeting with the president and members of the board of directors of Aprocom, has agreed with the merchants to affirm that “the construction of dissuasive car parks is necessary” in the surroundings of the Old Town and also “the improvement of transport public “, making it” more competitive and increasing its frequency of passage “, before” closing the center again and lime without any alternative and causing the economic suffocation of the small and medium enterprises in the area. ”

Therefore, he has asked Espadas to “reconsider his position” and “not fall into the same trap.” In addition, he has shared “the need for parking spaces to be maintained in the commercial areas of the Old Town, Triana or Nervion”, where “the latest redevelopment works carried out by this government team have meant a very important decrease of the number of parking available. ”

Thus, he lamented that “the City Council makes it increasingly difficult for traders,” who “neither have quality public transport, nor do they favor access by private vehicle, nor are sufficient parking spaces enabled.”

Pimentel recalled that for Cs commerce is “a strategic sector of the city” and that, therefore, requires the implementation of “concrete measures” by the City Council to “protect and promote” this business activity.

In this sense, it has demanded “the eradication of illegal street sales and of manteros”, which “constitute an unfair competition to traditional commerce.” In addition, it has also opted to “promote multibrand trade” and “generational replacement policies,” he concluded.


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