El Eibar – Real Sociedad, in vilo because of the fire of the Zaldibar landfill

El Eibar - Real Sociedad, in vilo because of the fire of the Zaldibar landfill

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Ipurua Stadium

The Health Department of the Basque Government has recommended not ventilating homes, closing night sales and not doing outdoor sports in the areas of Zaldibar, Eibar and Ermua by the presence of dioxins and furans in the air due to the fire of the Zaldibar landfill.

In this area, the Eibar-Real Sociedad Gipuzkoan derby is scheduled to be played on Sunday in Ipurua, which is at risk of being suspended and played on another date by government recommendations. The RFEF issued a statement in which it placed the decision on Saturday, once the air conditions are studied.

The Deputy Minister of Health of the Basque Government, Inaki Berraondo, said that these recommendations are “preventive and guarantee” measures and that there is no risk to health unless there is a “prolonged” exposure that generates an accumulation of dioxins and furans in the body.

The landfill collapsed on February 6 catching two workers, who have not yet been found, and caused fires among the waste that has not yet been suffocated.

According to El Correo, Neither club wants that, in case of suspension, the postponement of the match will lengthen much in time, so it is possible to dispute within the next week, Tuesday or Wednesday, in case the air quality improves.

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