Espadas deals with the EIB and ICO the “financing” of the tram extension

Espadas deals with the EIB and ICO the

Seville.- Gaesco supports the extension of the tram as a ‘strategic and priority’ project

The approval of the special plan for the extension of the tram, remember it, has now come forward after not thriving the initiative in the past mandate by voting against all the opposition, having decided Citizens to finally support the project.

After this vote, and in another area, Espadas has signed loans on Friday with the EIB Vice President, Emma Navarro, and ICO President, Jose Carlos Garcia de Quevedo, so that the Municipal Company of Housing, Land and Equipment of Seville (Emvisesa) has financing for the construction of 552 new social housing for rent at affordable prices, the rehabilitation of ten existing municipal properties for the same purposes and for the purchase of 150 private and empty homes for incorporation into the public estate park dedicated to rent.


In this context, he explained that with the signing of these loans amounting to 89.2 million euros “another scenario of collaboration and financing by the EIB and the ICO” opens, “to” analyze “in a meeting that according to Juan Swords would be held after the aforementioned rubric.

Having reaped funding from the EIB and the ICO for the “field of public housing policies”, thus obtaining resources to meet the “urgent needs” of society, Espadas has recalled that infrastructure “is also” needs. Moreover, he explained that he had already transferred to the aforementioned officials of the EIB and ICO that “Seville has important financing needs for infrastructure, mainly” the subway lines still pending construction and the aforementioned project to extend the tram.

Exposing that he “knows” that the Junta de Andalucia “has maintained contacts with the EIB to finance metro lines”, in a context in which said administration promotes the regulatory updating and drafting of the construction projects corresponding to the northern section of the future line three of the Seville metro, and plans to do the same with the southern section, Espadas has indicated its decision to “transfer” to those responsible for the EIB and the ICO “the possibility of incorporating financing” from such entities for the project to expand the Hispanic tram.


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