Hamilton’s new jewel for 2020: The Mercedes W11

The Mercedes W11, Hamilton's new jewel for 2020

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The new Mercedes W11 of Hamilton and Bottas for the 2020 F1 season

He waited, but the day came. Mercedes unveiled this Friday the design of its new car for 2020, the W11, after the beginning of the week he surprised by showing for the first time his livery on an old car. This time, the star brand showed the first images of the car with which Lewis Hamilton intends to reign for the seventh time this course and match the 7 titles of Michael Schumacher.

The team of Brackley It is undoubtedly the great favorite to repeat success with an Englishman who Valtteri Bottas He will try to test again, although the Finn is not expected to be a rival of sufficient level to make the British nervous. Together with the Englishman, the Finn, with his great teamwork, will fight for the reign of Mercedes to continue for another year. Brackley’s team has been continuously dominating since 2014, dominating, since the beginning of the hybrid era of Formula 1, always winning with Hamilton except for 2016, with Rosberg.

The new Mercedes W11 of Hamilton and Bottas for the 2020 F1 season

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The new Mercedes W11 of Hamilton and Bottas for the 2020 F1 season

Thus, since 2014, the ‘silver arrows total 6 titles of Builders and 6 pilots, 5 of them for a Lewis waiting for your new W11 make a difference again against rivals who have been getting closer in recent courses, Ferrari and Red Bull, and that in this 2020, the last one in which the current technical rules will be maintained, are eager to end British rule.

In search of prefection

The main novelty of Mercedes W11 It was the one that was announced last Monday, the incorporation of the red of its new sponsor, Ineos, in the intake and on the inner sides of its front wing. But in terms of technique, the changes are very difficult to appreciate. The car resembles much the same as last year. And it is that as they say, if something works, do not change it. Mercedes has worked this winter aware that its base last year was the best of the grid, and therefore, its goal was to finish perfecting a car that was mostly imposed on its rivals Red Bull and Ferrari Due to its greater aerodynamic load, which made it very competitive on all types of tracks, the most constant car of all.

Mercedes was not the fastest straight in 2019. But in a curve, and this served to prevail at the end of the year. Especially, for having the car that suffered less to heat the tires and put them in the correct window of use, the main Achilles heel of the rest derived from the change of tires that occurred in 2019, with Pirelli carrying a more difficult compound to heat than Mercedes He adapted much better than his opponents.

In the render presented this Friday, few modifications could be seen but adjustments in search of perfection, such as the fall of the pontoons and their lower cooling input, changes very difficult to see with the naked eye but with which the star mark hopes to be even better to defend against the progress expected by Ferrari and the Red Bull.

However, any analysis that can be done at this time of the changes of Mercedes in its render can remain nothing, since those of the star, with its great potential for evolution, could surprise this course again as they did in the 2029 test presenting a totally different car during the second week of testing in Barcelona.

Test Focused

“Success is taking every step in due time. And today’s success will be a good shakedown to perform mileage and traje filming ’and get a good feeling of the car to go to Barcelona and perform a solid test in which we work well and collect data for Melbourne. So it is all step by step, ”he said Toto Wolff in the presentation of your car through streaming, from a box of Silverstone, where Bottas Y Hamilton They make this Friday the 100 kilometers allowed to make their ‘filming day’.

Hamilton, without pressure, challenges his rivals

“Pressure? I think that at this time of year you don’t really feel the pressure. You must be focused, obviously, keep the focus, but it is a time when you can enjoy more. Is incredible. The boys have been working for months and months for what we see in the garage today and to be sure of what they deliver to Valtteri and me, ”said the current world champion, Lewis Hamilton, who when asked about his biggest challenge in 2020, he turned in search of his partner Valtteri to give it a touch on the back. “This man,” replied the Briton. However, he is expected to have to fight against the youth and talent of Verstappen and Leclerc, in addition to a Vettel You can’t afford more mistakes. And so, when asked about the Monegasque and the Dutch, Lewis was clear: Max and Charles? It’s fun. I’ve always preferred to speak on the track, I tend to see it as a sign of weakness. ”

For its part, Valtteri Bottas, who lived a hard 2019 to see that he could not beat Hamilton with the same car, said he had invested part of the winter in reviewing what happened last year to be able to get stronger behind the wheel of his new W11 this campaign with the same objective To conquer the title. “I have taken care of myself and shaved my beard. Of course last year is a good base on which to continue building. It was a good season, with many improvements and learning in many areas of joint work with the team and that was why it was beautiful. This winter has been an opportunity to look back and review what happened last year to improve and that is what I hope, ”said the Nordic.

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