Jesulin de Ubrique, Fran Alvarez and Miguel Marcos

Jesulín de Ubrique, Fran Álvarez and Miguel Marcos

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Bethlehem Esteban (1973) does not need a cover letter. TV show collaborator, was married to Fran Alvarez, whose body was found this Sunday on the bed of his house in the Madrid neighborhood of La Elipa, after not showing up at work and not hearing from him.

Belen Esteban jumped into the heart press for his romantic relationship in 1995 with the then bullfighter Jesus Janeiro, better known as Jesulin de Ubrique, with whom he had a daughter, Andrea (1999).

The bond did not last long: they broke the relationship shortly after the birth of the child. It is at that moment when Esteban begins to lavish on television programs, while still being a character chased by the magazines of the heart.

After some short relationships, Belen Esteban and the now deceased Fran Alvarez they got married in 2008. Belen and Fran had known each other since they were young, but in 2010 they ended their relationship, separating in 2012.

The popular collaborator of pink spaces of television married in June last year with Miguel Marcos. Belen Esteban remained on Sunday afternoon at his home in the Madrid town of Paracuellos del Jarama.


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