Liverpool restaurant pinned for sexism

Liverpool restaurant pinned for sexism

Since February 5, the controversy has swelled on Twitter. A restaurant in Liverpool, England offers a steak for female customers. Called “Steak for ladies”, it is smaller than that reserved for men.

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A new sexist pearl ? Culinary author Vicky Andrews shared the menu of a Liverpool restaurant, “Manhattan Bar & Grill”, on Wednesday February 5 on Twitter. “Huffington Post”. The menu offers different types of steaks for sale, including one dedicated to women. Smaller than for men, the steak reserved for women is for sale at the price of 18.95 pounds or 22.50 euros, against 24.95 pounds (29.67 euros) for men. Highlighting the Sexism of the brand, Vicky Andrews asked his followers: “Would you order a‘ steak for ladies’? “.

Outraged, food critic Jay Rayner relayed the tweet. “Offered by the Manhattan Bar and Grill, Liverpool: a steak for women. Because … I mean … but … well seen @PlanetVicster [ndlr : compte Twitter de Vicky Andrews] “Greeted the critic dumbfounded.

Internet users immediately reacted. “I could order a ladies’ steak. And I’ll even take two! “Retorts a user. “Does a waiter put it directly in your mouth, because as a ‘weak woman’ the fork is too heavy to carry? Writes another Twitter user. And a third to question ironically: “A sanitary napkin shipping included with steak? “.

“Sadly reminiscent of the #LadiesMenu … you know, the priceless ones because men control money. #EverdaySexism it just has to end, including the Manhattan Bar and Grill … But the idea of ​​a smaller steak is good for people and the planet, “wrote the political analyst, Kent Buzzard.

“The dish was well received by its customers”

Contacted by “Telegraph”, the director of the establishment, Karl Hassan, defended himself, indicating that “the dish is well received by its customers”. “We have a bunch of male and female customers who complain about the oversized size of our classic 100 ounce steak [ndlr : 2,8 kilos !]. So we asked our supplier for an 80 ounce steak [ndlr : 2,2 kilos] instead, which we named “Ladies fillet,” he said.


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