Simple tips for every situation

Simple tips for every situation

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With our tips you can easily strengthen your self-confidence.

Buckling was yesterday: With these strategies you can strengthen your self-confidence and let nothing and anyone unsettle you so quickly.Self-confident people, the word already explains it, are aware of themselves. They know their personality, have dealt with their strengths and weaknesses and have developed a clear picture of themselves. They feel comfortable in their skin and are at peace with themselves. So much for the theory – but how do you get there? How can we strengthen our self-confidence? Especially nowadays, when we are constantly surfing through highly polished web worlds and anyway feel like we are never enough? Of course, one thing is clear: the designer handbag or the smooth botox forehead often only hide the lack of real self-confidence.

Muck out Instagram account

So what to do? First of all, we should stop comparing ourselves to women who live a Photoshop life. Make sure to clean up your Instagram account: out with the fitness models and fashion posers, in with the authentic role models like Melodie Michelberger (@melodie_michelberger), Kathrin Webling (@ohkathrina), Charlotte Roche (@chailatte_roche). Also nice: There are empowerment messages on @recipesforselflove, the account @rememberthishappened documents funny celebrity sins. If we spend a lot of time on Instagram, we shouldn’t feel worse afterwards – we should feel more inspired.

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Make yourself aware of your strengths

Let us free ourselves from the expectations that others have of us! What really matters is our own strengths. To recognize that we look inside, It helps some people yogato focus on the essentials and to experience deep self-awareness.

Another means is that ABC list: prepare a piece of paper on which all the letters of the alphabet stand one below the other. Then set the alarm clock to three minutes and write down one of your strengths for each letter (without thinking much about it), which begins with this letter. If you go through this regularly, you will clearly notice the areas in which you are good – with a nice greeting from the subconscious.

What are you thankful for?

Write this down every now and then! Psychologists see gratitude as the key to more serenity. Those who are more relaxed also exude more self-confidence.

Actively request feedback

The smaller the difference between “This is how I would like to be” and “This is how I am”, the greater our self-esteem. Another building block for good self-confidence is that self-confidence, That grows when we get good feedback on our performance. Those who are praised trust their skills, The trick is to request positive feedback yourself. Instead of always sailing modestly under the radar, just drum for yourself. Let yourself be inspired by your male colleagues, no matter which one.

Even the philosopher Hegel assumed that our self-confidence is essentially influenced by our environment: positive and negative experiences, recognition or disregard shape our self-image. Today’s researchers also include factors such as heredity and early childhood characteristics. On the whole, it is up to us to give our self-esteem more punch,

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Daily tips to strengthen your self-confidence

With these six behaviors, you can create a more confident look:

  • Go faster, Confident people are energetic and know where they want to go.
  • No longer stay invisible – always sit in the front row,
  • Accustom you a straight posture on, chest out, head up.
  • Look your fellow human beings directly in the eyes,
  • Speak with a deep gut voice.
  • Exercise regularly. Because whoever is stronger also feels stronger (surprise!).
  • Mindfulness exercises: this is how you learn to love yourself

    The little encouragement plan for more self-confidence

    With our encouragement plan you can appear confident in specific situations and strengthen your self-confidence more and more, because it is well known that practice makes perfect.

    Stand confidently to his opinion

    Kitchen party at the neighbors. Politics are discussed and someone counters your comment with “Sorry, but you have no idea.”

    What to do? Respond kindly: “Yes, I did. If you did not understand it, I would be happy to repeat it. ”However, if you feel that you are not really familiar with the subject, reply:“ I do not have to be able to quote the complete Wikipedia entry on a subject in order to to have an opinion on it. ”A bit of humor usually defuses heated discussions.

    IMPORTANT: Do not be immediately unsettled when questions or criticism come. Even if you do not know every detail on a topic (who does it?), You can have a say. What the rumbling pea counter sitting opposite you may not know: Not only numbers, but also emotional arguments count (“Would you like to drown in the Mediterranean? Why should we allow others to do it?”).

    To hold a talk

    Your best friend asks you to give a little speech as a maid of honor at her wedding. The cold sweat breaks out just at the thought of having to appear in front of strangers.

    What to do? Say to! You can do that! We all have to raise the bar a little bit in life every now and then so that we can move forward. Every time we reach a goal, our self-confidence gets a turbo boost.

    IMPORTANT: Of course you don’t turn into a gifted speaker overnight – but you have to start somewhere! And until the next speech, set yourself small intermediate goals: speak to strangers and ask for a cafe tip. Or get up at a birthday party in the restaurant and encourage everyone to toast the birthday child. Your excitement gets a little less every time, I promise!

    Appearance: This is how you can improve your impact on others

    Negotiate a raise

    “Why should I pay you more money of all things?” Asks your boss, whom you have just asked for more salary.

    What to do? Quietly but firmly explain why you should make more money. After all, you took on additional tasks, did further training, landed contracts and meanwhile create twice as much work in half the time.

    IMPORTANT: Your boss only partially judges you based on your real performance – she is much more likely to assess your performance based on your public image. So pose calmly. Try to overcome your stage fright by thinking: what’s the worst thing that can happen? Your boss says no. You will survive.

    Love confidently

    Your friend not only gets on well with his ex, now he has invited her to his birthday. You rage with jealousy. Internally.

    What to do? Remain confident, now don’t fire bitchy comments. There are reasons why the two are no longer a couple. One of them is probably your all-encompassing magnificence.

    IMPORTANT: Those who do not feel comfortable in their skin are more susceptible to jealousy. The power of positive beliefs can help. No “His ex was definitely much better at it …”, but “If I can do one thing really well, then …” How we talk to ourselves has a lot of influence on our self-confidence. Keyword: self-fulfilling prophecy.

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    Address a guy

    The guy next to you in the cafe is pretty cute. And there alone. But you don’t dare to speak to him. Because you think: “He has a girlfriend anyway. And she definitely looks like a model. Sigh. ”

    What to do? Stop! What do you think of comparing yourself to imaginary women! Or to compare at all! A sentence like “I have to go to the counter, can you take care of my laptop?” Is totally harmless. As a thank you you bring him a coffee. The conversation has started.

    IMPORTANT: Chatting someone off-screen is not easy for anyone. If you think of a plausible reason (ideally a request), the situation becomes more natural and he has no idea of ​​your wedding plans.

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