Supply and sanitation works started on Ramon y Cajal and La Ballarna streets

Supply and sanitation works started on Ramón y Cajal and La Ballarna streets

Ramon y Cajal de Reinosa Street

The action started with a basic bidding budget of almost 250,000 euros, although it was finally awarded to the Aqualia company for about 211,000, which meant a decrease of 15%. The period of execution of the work is 6 months.

As indicated by the mayor of Works, Alvaro Zabalia, the new rainwater collector will run along the west bank of Ramon y Cajal Street while the supply pipe, which will become ductile iron in front of the current fiber cement, Your path will not vary.

Likewise, a telecommunications pipeline will be added and the one destined to electricity supply will be renewed.


As for the pavement, the main novelty presented by the intervention is the use of polished cast asphalt, similar to that used on the sidewalk of Ronda Street since, as pointed out by the mayor of Reinosa, Jose Miguel Barrio, Ramon y Cajal street it will become a pedestrian path with restricted access to road traffic except for residents.

For its part, the paving of Ballarna Street will be carried out, in turn, with a conventional asphalt, such as the existing one.

“We believe that the work will not only improve the supply and sanitation networks but will also have a very positive influence on the safety conditions of street pedestrians,” he said.


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