The City Council is putting out to tender the demolition of 23 properties within the scope of the Barrio Alto

The City Council is putting out to tender the demolition of 23 properties within the scope of the Barrio Alto

Demolitions started in November 2018 in the Barrio Alto de Almeria

With a tender budget of 89,810.59 euros, as part of the operations co-financed with European Regional Development Funds (Feder) 2014-2020, the contract will allow the “completion” of all planned demolitions of real estate in this area, with the objective of “materializing the planning determinations in the neighborhood, completing the reparcelacion and urbanization, all this as a preliminary step to the tender of some works that have an investment of approximately 1,100,000 euros”, as indicated in a note the Councilor for Urban Planning and Infrastructure, Ana Martinez Labella.

The popular mayor has insisted on the “complicated” process that this action entails, which as a whole will involve the investment of more than three million euros, in the municipal objective of recovering at urban level the conditions of a neighborhood located in the center of the city and whose solution has been approached from the consensus and unanimity that has been presiding over the entire procedure.

The deadline for the execution of the demolition contract for the 23 properties will begin from the business day following the receipt of the notification of the agreement to award this contract.

Since the action will be carried out sequentially, when the inhabited homes are evicted from occupants, a maximum period of twelve months is estimated.

The first action to be carried out will be the withdrawal of the affected services that are on the facade, including low-voltage telephone and telephone lines.

Deviated services will proceed to the demolition of the twenty three small buildings that are grouped into six sets. All the houses, given their size and age, would be formed by the structure of traditional load-bearing walls (stone and mortar). The demolition affects an area of ​​approximately 1,129 square meters and a volume of 3,730 cubic meters.


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