The sewerage works of the street Jesus and Mary of the capital conclude

The sewerage works of the street Jesus and Mary of the capital conclude

Sewer status after construction.

Being a large-scale work, in a particularly busy area, and since the necessary technical conditions were given, Emacsa has chosen to apply the technique of ‘in situ cured pipe’, which considerably reduces execution times of the main works, which compared to opencast works, can be reduced by 90%. In the case of Jesus y Mari Street, the duration of the main works has been four days, according to Emacsa in a note.

The execution of the work has been carried out in two phases. The first, 143 meters long, from the Plaza de las Tendillas to the Conservatory of Music, was executed in the week of January 13. The second, 172 meters long, from the Conservatory to the School of Dramatic Arts, was executed in the week of January 27.

After this date, secondary work continued, consisting of the conditioning of log wells, as well as the filling and paving of areas that were excavated with a traditional open-air system and that are necessary to execute for the introduction of the sleeve.

Thanks to the technique of ‘in situ cured pipe’, which limits the excavations to the points of entry and exit of the sleeve, the traffic and pedestrian effects are reduced, as has been demonstrated in Jesus y Maria Street, where pedestrians have been able to travel normally at all times, and also cars, which have only affected their passage in front of the Conservatory of Music.

In addition, this technology allows a reduction of costs with respect to the traditional execution system and avoids possible archaeological conditions.

These works are included in the rehabilitation plan that Emacsa has been executing since September 2019 in the historic center for the rehabilitation of sewage systems in different areas, such as the streets Magistral Gonzalez Frances, Jesus and Maria, calle del Christ, Calleja de la Luna and Ronda del Marrubial.

It should be remembered that the works were awarded to the company Stlima SL and the completion of the plan as a whole is scheduled for the month of March, with a budget of 1,080,359 euros.


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