The Tarragona explosion company presents a temporary ERE one month after “guaranteeing” the jobs

The Tarragona explosion company presents a temporary ERE one month after


“The ownership of Iqoxe guarantees the future of the company and the maintenance of all jobs.” This was the statement of the company Iqoxe after the explosion last January in one of its plants in Tarragona. A month later, the company has started the process to present a Temporary Employment Regulation File (ERTE) for “force majeure” as a result of the explosion, which caused the death of two operators and a neighbor of Torreforta (Tarragona) .

In a statement, the company explained that the cause invoked for the presentation of the ERTE is the stoppage of the productive activity since January 14, 2020, date of the explosion, as well as the need to undertake work for the resumption of the activity and the absence of a date that allows to delimit the beginning of the activity of the plant, where a hundred people work.

The company has argued that the suspension of contracts under “force majeure” offers guarantees for workers and that ERTE is presented to “adapt the company’s human, material and economic resources until the activity is restarted.” Iqoxe has indicated that the measure seeks to “guarantee” all the rights of employees by continuing the requirement to stop activities of the company communicated by the administration.

The company has shown its willingness to negotiate with the Iqoxe committee all aspects related to ERTE, such as the number of people affected from the total workforce and the periods of involvement. The restart of the activity in the plant, the company added, will be carried out under “the strictest safety requirements” verified by independent experts and authorized by the administration.

Iqoxe has added that employees are an “inseparable” part of the company and “essential” to carry out the start-up of the ethylene oxide plant, and of the unaffected reactors in the derivatives plant. For its part, CC.OO. ERTE has refused to appear at a time “when the volume of activity of the plant is maximum”, one month after the explosion.

The union has explained that the workforce as a whole is engaged in some activity and that there are between 50 and 100 workers of auxiliary companies working in the plant and has criticized the “mercantilist attitude” of the company because, in their opinion, it intends to continue increasing its benefits at all costs and has demanded that the company give up its intentions. Union sources consulted by Europa Press have explained that the temporary ERE would also affect the company’s plant in El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona).


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