they issue preventive detention for the eight rugbiers and add the aggravating “alevosia”

they issue preventive detention for the eight rugbiers and add the aggravating

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1/31/20. March for Fernando Baez in the neighborhood of Caballito. Photo: Federico Imas – FTP CLARIN _FIM8688.JPG Z Guest
The judge of Guarantees David Mancinelli, head of the Court of Guarantees 6 of Dolores based in Villa Gesell, decided to issue the preventive detention that the prosecution made for the eight rugbiers charged with the crime of Fernando Baez Sosa (18), committed on 18 January in that seaside city. In addition, he added the aggravating “alevosia” to the accusation.

During the oral hearing held this Thursday at his court, Mancinelli himself informed the parties that it was going to take 24 hours to communicate his resolution. This is Maximo Thomsen (20) and Ciro Pertossi (19), accused of being ” co-authors of the crime; and Blas Cinalli (18), Luciano (18) and Lucas Pertossi (20), Enzo Comelli (19), Matias Benicelli (20), and Ayrton Viollaz (20), considered by the prosecutor as “necessary participants”.


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Only one of the defendants, Cinalli, spoke when the judge offered them and that opportunity said: “What happened, none of us wanted it to happen.”

The prosecutor of Villa Gesell, Veronica Zamboni, accused the rugbiers of having murdered Baez Sosa in the early morning of January 18 at the door of the Le Brique bowling alley, where they had previously had an altercation that motivated their expulsions from the premises .

For Zamboni, it is a “homicide aggravated by the premeditated contest of two or more people”, although at the hearing this Thursday he announced that he will expand his requirement in the coming days.

Meanwhile, the defense of the rugbiers, by the lawyer Hugo Tomei, requested that in case of confirming the preventive detention for all or some of them, they can comply with it in a morigerated manner, under house arrest, with electronic monitoring. One of the arguments of defense was that they would be safer in their homes than in a criminal for the “media pressure” on the case.

On the other hand, the complaint by lawyers Fernando Burlando and Fabian Amendola requested that the aggravation of “alevosia” and “homicide for pleasure” be added to the tax accusation for homicide aggravated by the premeditated contest of two or more persons. The judge added, then, that of “alevosia”.

The lawyers representing Baez Sosas parents also expressed their disagreement with the freedom granted by the prosecutor on Monday for lack of evidence to Juan Pedro Guarino (19) and Alejo Milanesi (20), and asked to return to prison.

In addition, for Burlando and Amendola, the ten defendants had a “functional co-authorship” in the fact.

At the end of the hearing, the rugby defender presented a criminal complaint against prosecutor Zamboni, its secretaries and against the official defender who intervened in the first hours of the investigation for alleged illegitimate deprivation of liberty, false public instrument and breach of the duties of a public official.

As he had advanced at the hearing, Tomei also requested the annulment of a testimonial, a reconnaissance wheel and the inquiries, and this presentation was sent by the judge to the Attorney General of Dolores, Diego Escoda, to investigate whether it is effectively He committed some crime.


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