Three maritime engineering companies opt for the drafting of the new Fuengirola marina

Three maritime engineering companies opt for the drafting of the new Fuengirola marina

Fuengirola Harbor

The councilor has stressed that the new infrastructure “will be a modern, open and that is the economic engine of the city for its tourist and commercial appeal”, emphasizing that this process “will change the life and future of our city” .

In this regard, Mula has detailed that “the administrative envelope has been opened, confirming the expectation that this process has created for companies in the maritime engineering sector” and next Tuesday “the same will be done with the second envelope, in which, already yes, is going to evaluate the different technical proposals presented “.

For this, as the mayor has continued, the contracting authority for this service, which is the municipal company of the port, “will have the advice of a Committee of Experts that will analyze all the proposals to determine which of them is the ideal one “.

This committee will be made up of the municipal architect, a recognized road engineer, the director of the Puerto Deportivo company and a legal advisor.

From the City Council they recalled that among the conditions of the technical specifications is the concession period of 40 years extendable; the buildable of 30,000 square meters of roof; no residential use; the design of stabilization actions of the beaches between the Fuengirola river and the port, on the one hand, and the Real stream and the port itself, on the other.

The process has a municipal investment of 229,000 euros and an execution period of four months since the contract is formalized. “It will be a new port that opens to the city and houses important commercial spaces, as well as large pedestrian areas. A port for people,” said Mula.

“Soon we will have a new marina that is our main tourist attraction and investment hub; the largest element that generates employment in our city; in short, the new port will be the economic engine for our city,” concluded the mayoress.


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