what can be the future of rugbiers after a hot audience

what can be the future of rugbiers after a hot audience

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Transfer to the Dolores prison the eight rugbiers arrested for the murder Fernando Baez Sosa leave the Court Guarantees 6 Villa Gesell Province Bs As. 02/13/2020
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After the preliminary hearing that he headed, the judge of Guarantees of Villa Gesell, David Mancinelli, has the power to attend, and grant if he understood, any of the proposals that formulated both the defense of the rugbiers and the accusation. But apparently, for now, if it dictates any measure, it would not be in favor of the accused. Quite the opposite.

It is that the lawyer who represents them, Hugo Tomei, requested that as long as the instruction advances and is directed towards the oral trial, all the rugbiers remain in their homes under the benefit of house arrest. The main argument he gave is the huge “media pressure“that” frightens “the defendants, today detained in the town hall of Dolores. And such a measure could not be granted overnight.


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Before that, and Judge Mancinelli has already ordered reports, he must know where the defendants would go, for example, the facilities and facilities so that a detainee can be properly monitored, and know who would take care of that person being, with a potential life sentence, the risk of escape is capital.

In addition, a source of the case explained to this newspaper, the arguments that Tomei put forward “are alien to the cause, lack judicial support, have to do with a social issue and it’s something that a judge can’t handle. ”

The judge of Guarantees, after a preliminary hearing such as the one held on Thursday morning, can modify the conditions of detention of the accused, order freedoms, define co-authorships, or append aggravating factors to the crime they are charged with, and the parents of Fernando Baez Sosas parents (18) made Mancinelli specific proposals.

They requested that the homicide qualification be considered with a triple aggravating factor: in addition to the premeditation, which the prosecutor and the complaint take for granted, they claim that the aggravating factors of “killing for pleasure” and “agony” are added.

You can extend the requirement to the prosecutor and ask to add any of that aggravating, or can the judge of Guarantees issue preventive prisons with the new qualification. According to lawyer Fabian Amendola, the requirement of the prosecutor could contemplate these aggravations as written, with the same evidence.

The complainants of the Burlando team understand that with the evidence collected three of the detainees charged as “participants”, Enzo Comelli, Luciano Pertossi and Matias Benicelli were functional to the material responsibility that the prosecutor imputes to Maximo Thomsen and Ciro Pertossi, and They asked the judge that the preventive detention also reach the two young men who were released Monday, Juan Pedro Guarino and Alejo Milanesi.

Mancinelli’s domain is also the fate of the detainees, for now in Dolores. There they will be until the preventive detention – if it is finally issued – is firm, that is to say that there are no more instances of appeal.

Then, pending trial, unless otherwise requested, they would be housed in the same Criminal Unit 6 where they are now, but no longer in the warden in a collective cell, but integrated into the rest of the population.


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