What does Brexit mean for travelers?

What does Brexit mean for travelers?

Brexit is coming – but really now. For travelers to the UK from Germany, it doesn’t have much of an impact at first. Nevertheless, vacationers react to the new situation.

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After the Brexit on January 31, there will initially be a transition phase – also for travelers who want to go on holiday in the UK and Northern Ireland or who are visiting the country on business. Nothing will change for them until the end of 2020. What you should still know and consider – an overview.


The ID cards of EU citizens will be after Information from the Federal Foreign Office (AA) initially recognized as sufficient for travel to the UK. With a provisional ID card, travelers should be able to enter at least until December 31, 2020. In addition, entry is possible with a passport. This is not absolutely necessary in Great Britain and Northern Ireland if you have a valid identity card with you.


The German Travel Association (DRV) has announced that there will be no change in flight connections to and from Great Britain. How things will go in 2021 is still open. According to the DRV, the travel industry considers a comprehensive air traffic agreement necessary.

“Nothing will change in 2020,” confirms Visit Britain’s Andrea Hetzel. The airlines published their summer flight schedules many months ago, and the flights have long been bookable. According to the British government, EU passenger rights, which regulate compensation for flight cancellations and long delays, should also apply after Brexit, like that European consumer center informed in Kehl.

Package tours

German tour operators continue to organize organized trips without restrictions. “But bookings have dropped,” says Andrea Hetzel. Her guess: Interested vacationers are still waiting until January 31 to see if anything changes. “Nothing changes for the time being,” says the representative of the British Tourist Office.

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travel insurance

The Confederation of Insureds generally advises to take out private travel health insurance for trips abroad, which also pays for a medically reasonable return transport to Germany. Brexit does not change this recommendation.

To phone

Currently, a cell phone call or an SMS to Germany does not incur any additional costs for UK travelers because the roaming fees have been abolished within the EU member states.

Even after the Brexit, many holidaymakers do not have to pay any extra costs for surfing and making home calls using their smartphones. Because the mobile operators can continue to voluntarily classify Great Britain in the EU zone.

Telekom is already doing this with the non-EU country of Switzerland and has signaled that it also wants to treat Great Britain in this way. At Vodafone, everything should remain the same for the time being. The company expects the UK to remain in the EU roaming regime. Telefonica (O2) has decided not to change anything until December 31, 2020 – only then will Great Britain be classified in another country zone if necessary.

Great Britain wants to leave the European Union on January 31 at midnight Central European time.


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