what is this degenerative eye disease that affects Emma Cerchi (The Voice Kids)?

what is this degenerative eye disease that affects Emma Cerchi (The Voice Kids)?

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Pigmentary retinitis: what is this degenerative eye disease that affects Emma Cerchi (The Voice Kids)?

The Voice 5 winner Emma Cerchi suffers from retinitis pigmentosa. What is this disease causing progressive loss of vision?

“The older I get, the more I lose my sight”. These secrets are those of Emma Cerchi, winner of season 5 of The Voice Kids. Achievement of retinitis pigmentosa “with embarrassment RDH12”, the 11-year-old singer confided in the JDD on this pathology which was diagnosed to her when she was only two years old.

“My parents told me that I stumbled all the time at the slightest obstacle. I was taken to theophthalmologist. I believe the world collapsed (…) when they learned of my illness “, remembers the young artist. Faced with this diagnosis, his parents created the association For Emma’s beautiful eyes, in order to overcome pigment retinitis.

Retinitis pigmentosa: progressive loss of vision

This genetic disease of the eye is caused by a mutation in the genes involved in the functioning of retinal cells. There are different forms of retinitis pigmentosa, but this disease is characterized by a progressive loss of vision, which can lead to blindness.

This pathology affects about 1 in 3,500 people and can occur at any age, although it most often occurs between 10 and 30 years of age. It can manifest itself by various symptoms, among which we find:

  • difficulty adjusting to the dark;
  • narrowing of the visual field;
  • color vision disturbances, especially blue and yellow.

Other eye problems can also be associated with retinitis pigmentosa and appear later, such as myopia, a astigmatism or one cataract.

No treatment, but research is progressing

It is possible to slow the progression of the disease by wearing filter glasses, which protect from light and UV rays. Faced with the decrease in visual acuity caused by this disease, certain devices used to improve vision, such as glasses magnifying glasses or magnifying glasses can also be offered.

If there is no treatment to date to cure retinitis pigmentosa, research is progressing. A cell patch suitable for patients whose mutation in the gene responsible for the disease leads to dysfunction of the epithelium cells, was thus transplanted to two people in 2019.

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