Adrien Rabiot’s mother “liquidated her son’s chances of finding the Blues”


NOTICE OFAdrien Rabiot is being talked about again. His mother and agent called Noel Le Graet, the president of the French Football Federation, a “liar” on Thursday on the channel The Team. Veronique Rabiot denied any contact with the boss of the FFF, when he said he had tried to talk with Adrien Rabiot. With these new statements, does the mother of the Juventus Turin midfielder take the risk of distancing her son a little more from the France team? This is what the consultants of Europe 1 Sport think, questioned on Saturday evening about the “case” Rabiot.

“It’s unconscious”

Nabil Djellit assures him: Adrien Rabiot’s mother “has liquidated his son’s chances of finding the Blues”. “It was an epidermic reaction, she believes that Noel Le Graet lied. But what is her strategy for Adrien Rabiot? She has not chosen the best direction,” said the journalist of France Football.

Adrien Rabiot, who has 6 selections with the France team, has not been recalled by Didier Deschamps since his resounding refusal to be a reservist, just before the 2018 World Cup. “It’s the playground. When we know the proximity between Didier Deschamps and Noel Le Graet, it is a serious communication error, it is unconsciousness. It takes Adrien Rabiot even further away from the Porte des Bleus “, supports Ambre Godillon, journalist at Yahoo Sports .

The example of Karim Benzema

This shocking exit from Veronique Rabiot comes as the former PSG midfielder begins to make a place for himself in his new Juventus club, after the first difficult months. But even if he shows himself performing in the coming months, his situation in Blue should not change, according to Ambre Godillon, who cites the example of Karim Benzema. “Didier Deschamps agrees to deprive himself of Karim Benzema, one of the best attackers in the world. Adrien Rabiot, all good player that he is, has neither the stature nor the aura of the Real player”, has t it analyzed.

“He had been dismissed from the Blues because of his level and the competition. He had stayed on the doorstep also because of his attitude, but with the words of his mother he is downright at the bottom of the garden,” concludes our consultant.

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