Ahmed Laaouej after the exclusion of Kir: “No more exceptions will be tolerated”


Sevket Temiz, PS regional deputy, also visited the mayor MHP of Emirdag. The president of the Brussels PS, Ahmed Laaouej reacts.

Sevket Temiz, PS regional deputy, also visited the mayor of Emirdag, member of the MHP (the Turkish far-right party, which he left in 2015, for internal questions, before reinstating him). The photo has been circulating since this morning on social networks, like, moreover, others, which include elected members of the MR or Defi.

New thorn in the socialist foot? Ahmed Laaouej, president of the Brussels Federation of the PS, draws the line. “The vigilance commission has set a clear frame
: there can be no exception or derogation from compliance with the sanitary cordon. What about proceedings against Sevket Temiz? “I’m not going to start a hunt. I don’t look in the rear view mirror, but in front of me. And there, each member of the party knows that from now on, no form of exception will be tolerated with regard to the sanitary cordon. Any. ”

> Emir Kir excluded from the PS: the consequences at the federal level and in Saint-Josse

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