Alexandra Rosenfeld mom: ex-Miss France confides in her delivery


Almost three weeks after the birth of her daughter, Alexandra Rosenfeld confided in her childbirth but also in her new life for four.

On January 3, 2020, Alexandra Rosenfeld and Hugo Clement welcomed their first child. A little girl named Jim. Eighteen days later, the mother took the time to answer a few questions asked by Internet users! The latter first asked her how her new life was going together, to which she replied: “It’s wonderful. Ava (born from a previous union) is a super big sister … We are in heaven did she write before revealing that her birth took place “like a letter in the post!”

Since she gave birth to her second baby, Alexandra Rosenfeld has posted some photos of her daughter … However, Miss France 2006 always takes care to hide the face of Jim, but also of Ava, his eldest daughter. Its subscribers therefore wondered about the reason. “I want to protect them. They are not old enough to be exposed. They will decide later if they want it or not, and will create their own accounts if they feel like it “, explained the beauty queen who, you will understand, is not about to show the face of her two little fleas!

Alexandra Rosenfeld shares her advice for a peaceful pregnancy

Throughout her pregnancy, the 33-year-old mother was magnificent.

Besides, it even reveals thatshe only gained 8 kg during her nine months. Internet users therefore asked him what was his secret for having been so radiant. “I stretched and relaxed until the end … It did me a lot of good. I didn’t have a sore back, I was in good shape. For Ava, I was bedridden from the fifth month… If your body allows it: walk, swim, do a suitable yoga … But move, she advised! Finally, the beautiful Alexandra Rosenfeld explained that she had recovered very easily from the pregnancy, but especially that her little angel was the spitting image of her darling Hugo Clement!

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