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All football matches have been suspended for an indefinite period in Cyprus, the Cypriot football federation announced on Friday following the referees’ strike in support of one of their victims of a bomb attack.

The federation has decided to suspend all matches, in all divisions, and condemned the attack which took place in Larnaca, a coastal town in the South, calling it “an act of terror” intended to destabilize Cypriot football. by creating a “climate of fear” among the referees.

During the night of Thursday to Friday, a homemade device exploded in the car of referee Andreas Constantinou, without injuring him.

In another press release, the Cyprus Referees Association said it supports the 33-year-old referee and his family and asked football officials and the media to “stop fueling the fire” with overly critical comments regarding arbitral awards.

Because of fake bets?

These events take place in a context of suspicion concerning several meetings of the Cypriot championship which could have been arranged in order to favor fake bets. UEFA has reported 84 suspicious matches since 2011 to the Cypriot federation, with no conviction, although the island’s police are investigating the allegations.

Already in 2015, the Cypriot football federation had canceled all matches for a week, after a strike by the referees following a bomb attack already at the time.

Created: 01.17.2020, 8:08 p.m.

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