Karel Van Eetvelt, the new CEO of Anderlecht: “Reducing the deficit by 27 million euros is a priority”


Karel Van Eetvelt, the new CEO of Anderlecht, has already spoken to the press.

“I’m a big fan of the club and I’ve always said I would say yes if Anderlecht knocks on my door,” said the current CEO of Febelfin, where he will remain in office until March 30. “I accepted the challenge because it is difficult. One of my priorities is to reduce the deficit of 27 million euros. ”

Van Eetvelt now becomes the big boss. “Officially, I’m above Michael Verschueren in the organization chart. But I don’t decide anything alone. I give him a lot of responsibility, I count on him. If it keeps the same function? For now yes…”

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