Manutan International: To be continued today


In the first quarter of its 2019-2020 financial year, the activity of the Manutan group grew by + 2.3% compared to the same quarter of the previous financial year. This figure includes a prime effect of + 3% on the acquisition of the company Kruizinga, a currency effect of + 0.2% and a day effect of -1.1% (+ 0.2% prime, exchange and constant days) . The turnover therefore stands at 197 million euros, against 192.6 million euros for the previous financial year. On a constant basis, it fell 0.7%.The group’s performance was driven by the South zone, both in the Corporate division and in the Collectivities, posting growth of + 3.6% and + 2.8% respectively compared to the first quarter of the previous financial year. It should be noted that the performance of the North zone is still affected by the anticipated slowdown in the activity of the main market, Sweden, as well as by a strategic repositioning.

For the rest of the year, Manutan says it wants to maintain its medium-term investment plan, and remain very active in the search for external growth opportunities.

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