Natasha St-Pier: Cuddling moment with her son Bixente


Does Natasha St-Pier still have a minute left? While it occurs everywhere in France to defend the disc Therese, To love is to give everything, the Quebec singer also gives yoga classes and she recently participated in several issues of the show Mask Singer. His rare moments of freedom are devoted … to his son.

On her Instagram account followed by 48,000 subscribers, Natasha St-Pier posted a photo in her story, January 13, delighted to spend time with her son Bixente. A little boy, now 4 years old, asleep against his chest. “Some hugs are worth every hour on the train and dozens of round trips“, commented the interpreter of the tubes You will find, As it is you or Die tomorrow. It is true that the 38-year-old singer, settled in the South-West of France with her husband Gregory, swallows up the kilometers to go to perform in churches and concert halls with her songs around Therese de Lisieux.

Natasha St-Pier, who recently released a DVD to teach yoga for beginners, does not intend to slow the pace, quite the contrary! No sooner had she returned from a stay on her Canadian soil than she announced to her fans that she was returning to the studio. “Next album on the way, she said in a video. Here, first day in the studio, I record the voices. The stress is mounting, I can’t wait to make you discover these songs, to sing them.


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