Best of amateur goals of the weekend!

Best of amateur goals of the weekend!

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Like every Monday, thanks to the True Foot Day and the Rematch application, you will find the most beautiful amateur football videos filmed every weekend from the edge of the field.

Without further ado, here is the selection concocted for the day which highlights amateur football and the application which captures its most striking moments:

1 / AS Merpins (vs Champniers: 2-1) – Regional 3 (Nouvelle-Aquitaine)

We start with a good big slap from families 25 meters away. You will also appreciate the small bridge at the start of the action. Opposite, there were ten studs, must say …

2 / Sud Gatine (vs Auge Azay: 0-2) – Departmental 3 (Nouvelle-Aquitaine)

Who said a goalkeeper was just an asshole who didn’t participate in the game? The doorman of Sud Gatine sends a big clearance far ahead which turns into a decisive pass. The attacker only has to control and arm a recovery worthy of a big number 9. Well, on the other hand, with the opposing doorman, there is nothing that goes on the dive.

3 / Hasparren (vs Osses: 1-1) – Departmental 3 (Nouvelle-Aquitaine)

The cameraman had felt the point. But not the Zlatanic strike. A free kick as we like. Small combination between two Hasparren players and a big punch in full in the skylight. Nothing better.

4 / Saint Pantaleon AS (vs F.C.C.F: 2-1) – Departmental 3 (Nouvelle-Aquitaine)

The traditional cachou which comes to clean the opposing telescope, which the goalkeeper can only follow with the glance. Bundesliga recruiters are already on the record …

5 / FC Tidal bore (vs Carbon Blanc: 3-1) – U19 Regional 2 (Nouvelle-Aquitaine)

The famous direct corner which lobbs everyone, even if we all know that it was involuntary. However, the goalkeeper will have to rework his jump a little! Come on, a private lesson with Anthony Lopes and off we go.

Congratulations to them for these crazy goals. And see you next week, with you in their place, who knows?

The procedure for this?

1) Download the free Rematch app by clicking here.

2) Capture the highlights of the matches

3) Submit your best videos from the app


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