Hidalgo wants to transform the ring road into an urban and green boulevard

Hidalgo wants to transform the ring road into an urban and green boulevard

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The Porte de Gentilly tomorrow?

Anne Hidalgo had mentioned it in The gallery in November latest. The mayor-candidate (PS) confirmed this February 14, 2020: if she is re-elected, one lane on each side of the peripheral will be dedicated to carpooling, public transport, including taxis, and clean vehicles by 2023. “The advantage of the 2024 Olympic Games is that it serves as an accelerator”, she said.

In reality, it only takes up the common position of the four finalist teams of the Routes of the Future, a collective work driven by the City alongside the State, the Region, the Metropolis and other communities in Ile-de-France as part of the Metropolitan Forum of Greater Paris, a mixed union that brings together all of these institutions.

“Qualify vehicles that practice carpooling”

This path should be “reported extremely clearly”, promised the deputy mayor (related PS) of the capital responsible, in particular, for town planning and Greater Paris, Jean-Louis Missika. A discussion should be opened with the organizing authority for transport in Île-de-France, IDF Mobilites, which depends on the Region, to “qualify vehicles that practice carpooling”. On the parts where the periphery has four lanes on each side, an additional lane could even be planted and reserved for pedestrians and cyclists, he added at the end of the press conference.

The City will rely on sensors “detecting the number of occupants” and on video-verbalization cameras which will ensure that only authorized vehicles circulate there. The installation of these cameras is already planned since July 1, date of the establishment of the low emission zone (ZFE) which prohibits the circulation of Crit’5 vehicles, that is to say those running on diesel before 2001 and gasoline before 1997, inside the Ile-de-France A86.

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Will follow in July 2021, the ban on Crit’4 vehicles (diesel dated between 2001 and 2005, note), in July 2023, that of Crit’3 vehicles (diesel dated between 2006 and 2010, almost half of the fleet according to insurers, note). The year 2024 will be the year of the end of diesel, and 2030, the year of the end of all thermal vehicles.

100,000 trees on the slopes

In terms of planting, Anne Hidalgo wants to plant 100,000 of the 170,000 trees already announced on the slopes of the road infrastructure. “A sine qua non condition for cooling and improving air quality”, insisted the mayor. Weaving the green metaphor, it also promised the creation of the “Green Line” network, to allow pedestrians and bikes to “cross the periphery effectively”.

When asked who will pay the bills, the State, the territories concerned and Paris will pay for the development and control of the reserved lanes, but only the capital will pay for the planting of trees. The ring road already costs the city nearly 16 million euros annually, recalled the EELV assistant for transport, Christophe Najdovski.

Finally, to connect the municipalities separated by this “fence”, Anne Hidalgo wants to transform the gates of Paris into places of Greater Paris. 59 projects are already underway, said his assistant Jean-Louis Missika. In this domain, “proposals may come from the private sector”, they said.

“Mobility hubs” by 2030

The method already diverges from that used for closing the lanes on the bank: the candidate mayor thus organized two first Ateliers du Peripherique, one in Malakoff and the other in Neuilly. She also works with the Ile-de-France prefect, Michel Cadot, to “define a timetable for the transformation of all road infrastructure” Ile-de-France (A1, A3, A4, A6 …)

At the same time, the City is already planning for 2030. Within ten years, it wants to create “mobility hubs” at the gates of Paris to facilitate intermodality and allow it to move from a means of transport to another. Again, this is a joint proposal from the four working groups working on the Routes du Futur du Grand Paris.

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