How to decorate your house according to feng shui

How to decorate your house according to feng shui

© How to decorate your home according to feng shui
How to decorate your house according to feng shui
When a new year begins and you review your surroundings, you think that its appearance is outdated and perhaps it needs a renovation, which will bring you additional expenses. But before you start making accounts, keep in mind the following recommendations that Casaideas makes on how to rejuvenate the decoration of your home, taking into account Feng Shui. Because it is not always necessary to make large investments, to give a new air to the house.

– Redecorate the hall:

If you want to start at the entrance of the house and modernize the hall, nothing like giving a new air to the wall. Play with the pictures that hang on it according to your style. The current options are the most diverse, from wooden posters with motivational or sympathetic phrases to individual photographs of various sizes placed in a seemingly messy way or compositions of paintings or sheets online or circular, in addition to this you can add organizers in wood.

– Renew bed covers and curtains:

It is amazing how a house can be updated by changing only the bed covers and curtains. If you want to modernize the bedroom, buy a new bed comforter and combine it with modern curtains.

Changing the curtains is a very good option in any of the places of the house, also do not leave aside the combination of cushions of various sizes and shapes both in the bedroom and in the living room. It is essential that you dare to try different colors and textures; If you prefer you can change the upholstery of the chairs or armchairs with a cover of the many that you will find in places of decoration and why not, add a distinctive touch with a new mirror in the bedroom bathroom.

– Play with lighting:

Often just by adding a spotlight or a lamp on a table or in a corner, or changing old or outdated lamps, completely transforms a retro decoration into a completely current one. The lampshades for lamps that are entertained, with rigid, printed, plain or brightly colored materials, will give a new touch to the place where they are.

Either with one of these options you will be able to rejuvenate your home and not have that aspect that causes the feeling that it has been completely anchored in time.


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