“I don’t have a positive memory of DSDS”


© Getty Images / Andreas Rentz
Annemarie Eilfeld, singer and ex-candidate of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”, caused discussions in the RTL program “Das Grobe Wiedersehen”.

Eleven years ago, Annemarie Eilfeld tried to convince the “DSDS” jury of her singing talent. She would not compete again today, said the 29-year-old.

Start again at “Germany is looking for the superstar?” No way! “I have no positive memory of ‘DSDS’,” said former participant Annemarie Eilfeld now on the RTL show “Das Grobe Wiedersehen”, a meeting of former candidates. Eilfeld had participated in the casting show in 2009 and hadn’t really made herself popular at the time: the jury hated her, the singer now suspected.

When Tanja Tischewitsch, a candidate of the eleventh season “DSDS”, asked the group whether the candidates could imagine further participation in the format, Eilfeld answered without hesitation: “No!” In particular, the 29-year-old seems to regret the open-hearted shootings that brought her the image of ludder at the time: “You can see that from the way I have moved in the past eleven years: there are no pictures that come close to that are permissive. I’m not the type for it. ”

Eilfeld confidently wiped the assumption of her former colleagues that she would not make any money today without “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”: “I made music long before ‘DSDS’.” Without the casting show, she would have gone the same way, she claimed.


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