“I don’t have acronyms, I’m a journalist”



Andrea Wardrobe starred in a brief but tense encounter with Rafael Hernando in the delivery of this Tuesday, February 25, Intermediate. The journalist went on behalf of the program to informative breakfast from Alberto Nunez Feijoo, president of the Xunta de Galicia, and questioned the senator of the PP for the campaign poster launched by the candidate for re-election for the regional elections of April 5, where the party logo appears minimized and almost hidden.

“Do you know what game he shows up with?” She opened fire. “It is presented by the Popular Party, do not you know?” He replied, to which came the counter-reply of Ropero: “Perhaps those who do not know are you. Do you see the acronym of the PP?” He said teaching him the design of marras.

“I don’t see certain acronyms either, but nothing happens,” he replied, hinting at a specific political position of the reporter. This was blunt in his response: “I have no acronym, I am a journalist.”

“Do you see here the acronym of the PP?”, Continued the collaborator of El Intermedio, from whom Hernando said goodbye with the following statement: “There are things so obvious that it is not necessary to see them.”