infallible tips to make it super smooth

infallible tips to make it super smooth

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how to iron hair tricks
Today, the iron is still the most used heat tool both in the living room and by the clients at home. The reason is very simple, with an iron you can straighten your hair or you can also get perfect waves, It is a very versatile tool. But before venturing to use any one, there are a number of aspects that must be taken into account to keep the hair in perfect condition and always have the look you want.

The iron must be of quality

It’s basic, half the success of both hair styling and hair care is the quality of your iron. Don’t skimp on it.

Pay attention to the plates of the iron

As a professional I will tell you that ceramic and titanium are the ones we use the most, basically because the plates heat faster and the heat they transmit to the hair is uniform and stable. If they are also ionized and carry tourmaline they will help keep hair frizz at bay.

Previous care for ironing hair

1. Hydrates hair well. Wash your hair with an intense nutrition lineIt is important that the hair is extremely hydrated before beginning to dry the hair.

2. The conditioner. In these cases it is better to use one that is repairing, in this way you will protect the hair from future damage.

3. Use protective spray. It is time to use a protector, today there are hair protectors that isolate the temperature up to 230 ° avoiding any internal damage. These protectors are ideal for any type of hair, however, if your hair is curly and very rebellious, opt for a specific one. Forget about those that serve several things, such as those that protect color, moisturize hair and also protect you from the heat of tools.

4. Very dry hair. Dry the hair completely. Do it with the dryer or in the air you must make sure that there is not a hint of moisture before passing the iron, since if we want it super smooth we will have to insist on ironing.

5. Regulate the temperature. Depending on the type of hair you really have to regulate the temperature if you want to avoid future damage. In a fragile hair the temperature will be 120 ° to 150 °, for resistant thin hair from 150 ° to 180 °, for normal and thick hair the temperature will be 180 ° to 210 ° maximum.

How to iron your hair so it looks super smooth

  • Choose one steam iron. Not only will you get much smoother hair, but you will also ensure many more hours of super straight hair and most importantly, very healthy.
  • Make sure the hair is totally untangled before starting, this way you will prevent the hair from splitting when you pass the iron.
  • You have to start at the roots Between two and three times before moving to means and ends, in the latter we will insist half that in the roots.
  • Choose a very fine barbed comb and together, put it glued to the iron at the bottom and slowly slide regularly to the end of the tuft.
  • Collect the hair in several little bows spread over the head and release them little by little. This way you can work in a cleaner way and make sure you don’t leave any strands to be ironed. The tufts that you lower should be about two centimeters wide and approximately one finger thick. If your hair is thinner, you can increase the amount.
  • Remember, the secret is in iron slowly. You will need many fewer passes.
  • When you’re done, take the dryer and cool the mane directing the hair towards the ground using the fingers as if they were combs.
  • Finally take a couple drops of serum and apply it on means and tips with your hands, comb it with a brush of wild boar barbs after 15 minutes after application.
  • Try don’t put your hair behind your ears, or clips, rubber bands or tweezers until a minimum of 4 or 5 hours have passed after combing.
  • If you have to iron it the night before, sleep with a silk or satin pillow and you will prevent hair from taking forms. If in spite of this you have to review the mane with the iron, use a temperature of 170º, it will be more than enough.

Remember to use the iron sparingly. If you are one of those who loves super straight hair, choose a vegan straightening is the ultimate to get healthy hair, bright and super smooth.


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