“My breakfast is cut when I see a cover”


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Blanca Suarez: ‘My breakfast is cut when I see a cover’

Although Blanca Suarez tries not to echo her private life, she always ends up starring on a cover. It was in January 2020 when his new relationship with actor Javier Rey came to light when they were both seen walking hand in hand. However, and as expected, neither has confirmed it nor will they.

Blanca Suárez in 'Good morning Madrid' / Photo: Telemadrid

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Blanca Suarez in ‘Good morning Madrid’ / Photo: Telemadrid

The actress He has granted an interview to the program ‘Good morning Madrid’ of Telemadrid, and it has been there where he has revealed some details of his day to day, and more when he is persecuted by the press. Amalia Enriquez, the presenter, has asked her a question, saying: “Breakfast one day with a cover on which you discover what you want to keep out … Do you cut your breakfast?”, To which she has answered: “A little, yes, but really I have learned not to cut my life“.

Although she is persecuted by the paparazzi to know more about her personal life, she has said: “I feel very respected, except for very specific moments, but in general yes. “And he added on this aspect of his life:” Look, if you do not know, then you do not know, but if it is from those days when you know perfectly where they are, who are they and how many meters are… then your day is cut off. ”

Blanca Suárez speaking in 'Good morning Madrid' / Photo: Telemadrid

© Provided by Bekia
Blanca Suarez speaking in ‘Good morning Madrid’ / Photo: Telemadrid

As for her private life, it seems that Javier Rey and she started dating after they worked together in the movie ‘The Summer We Live’, but at that time it was not known that his relationship with Mario Casas, who is very fond of, has already ended not only because it has been your partner, but for all the years of friendship.

Discreet with their lives

Meanwhile about Rey it’s not that much data is known As for his private life. He has maintained a relationship for 15 years with also actress Iris Diaz, and it was with her that he became the father of a child in 2018, but his love ended. Both he and Suarez are trying to take everything with maximum discretion, which has always characterized them.


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