Myths of homemade pet food you should know

Myths of homemade pet food you should know

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Pets are an important part of our lives and to make sure we always give you the best we tell you the most popular myths and truths about food.

One of the most common doubts when a pet comes into your life is feeding, suddenly you find yourself in front of that small and hairy creature that you fill with love but you don’t know what you should give when it comes to eating.

According to Maria Fernanda Morales, Zootechnical Veterinary Doctor, no food for humans is completely healthy for animals, however if you want to give it a natural diet, it should not be the same as you consume, in this case it is best to go with a veterinarian To guide you correctly.


Myth: You can give it food waste and leftovers

Fact: There are highly toxic elements for pets, although animals can consume some natural products and you don’t necessarily have to feed them with croquettes, to do it correctly you should always consult your veterinarian.

Myth: Chocolate doesn’t hurt everyone

Fact: Chocolate theobrine can cause neurological and digestive damage, even when the reaction depends on the weight and size of the pet, if nothing happens the first time it does not mean that it is immune and can eat it.

Myth: Puppies love milk

Fact: It is very easy to make that mistake especially to soften the croquettes, however cow’s milk contains lactose and sugar, which is not easy to digest, so it can cause digestive discomfort. Instead it uses water, which fulfills the same function.

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homemade pet food

The homemade food you can give your pet depends on the weight, age, species and size.

Myth: Prizes for fatty or fried foods

Fact: Although they do not have an immediate effect on the health of hairy animals, accumulation can lead to diseases such as pancreatitis since they cannot correctly process fat.

Myth: Bones are good for dogs.

Fact: Although they are not toxic as such and they do like them, they become a danger since their splinters can cause some perforation in the gastrointestinal system.

Myth: Give him any raw meat

Fact: They can be extremely dangerous due to the parasites that these products can have, such as cysticercos, a type of parasite that causes neurological alterations.

Myth: Give a raw egg a day for a shiny coat

Fact: Although it is true that this food has a good protein load, it can also damage your metabolism. The best for your coat is to give it a good diet and brush it regularly.

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Brushed dog

A good diet is reflected in the fur and attitude of your pet.


  • Always pay attention to nutritional requirements at every stage of your life.
  • Beyond commercial or homemade food, you should look at quality.
  • Consult veterinarians and animal nutrition specialists.
  • You should not be overweight or very thin.
  • Pay attention to his behavior, if he is healthy he will be active.
  • A good meal is reflected in a shiny and silky coat.
  • The dose and quantity of food change according to the species, race, size and age.
  • Visit your veterinarian periodically.
  • Take care that your dishes are clean.
  • Keep them well hydrated.
  • Teach them to eat well, don’t let them choke.

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