pre-orders for the new VR headset are open

pre-orders for the new VR headset are open

The next generation of HTC Cosmos VR headsets is on the way and the first model, Cosmos Elite, is already on pre-order on the brand’s official website.

HTC Vive Cosmos Elite: pre-orders for the new VR headset are open

Introduced last week, HTC’s new virtual reality headsets, Cosmos Play and Elite will land this year, that’s for sure. Moreover, the Elite, the more upscale model of the two, can already be pre-ordered on the HTC website with deliveries from March 18. As a reminder, the Cosmos Elite costs a whopping 1000 euros. The pack includes the mask, the headphones, and the removable front stuffed with cameras for operation with or without tracking beacon (beacon tracking or inside-out tracking in jargon). Two tags are also provided in the box. These are SteamVR 1.0 models and they are used to extend the playing surface while also improving the precision if necessary.

Two controllers (wireless) are also delivered as well as all the necessary cables and other adapters to connect the headphones to a PC, preferably powerful.

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If you pre-order, HTC offers you a six-month subscription to its home games, videos and apps portal, Infinity. You can also enjoy all VR compatible games available on Steam since the headset is SteamVR compatible.

Source: HTC


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