The emotional letter from Fani’s son (Survivors 2020) to Christofer proving that it is his “most important pillar”

The emotional letter from Fani's son (Survivors 2020) to Christofer proving that it is his

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fani and christofer

Christofer and Fani they are living a ‘honeymoon’ after their reconciliation after the bump in their relationship for ‘The island of temptations’. The couple, who in the Readings pages have confirmed that they are getting married, is once again separated, since she has headed to Honduras to participate in Survivors, Y Christofer He has been in charge of both their home and Fani’s son whom he loves madly.

Fani told us before heading to Honduras that his son stays with Christofer that it is with “who will be better”In addition, the two men of his life “are going to take care of the pre-wedding,” he explained with a laugh before embarking on reality. Fani can’t be more proud of the good relationship her fiance has with her little, to those who he dedicated his jump from the helicopter.

In fact, Christofer has received a beautiful letter written by the 12 year old boy in which he confesses all his feelings for his mother’s boyfriend. Fani was in charge of reading it: “I wanted to tell you that you are the best dad in the world because thanks to you I have studies, health and many things: a litter, a very good family … Although we don’t have much money, you’re honest with me, “he wrote, and added: “Besides, I don’t care if I’m rich, but you fight and fight to get everything I want and need.” And it’s over with a meaning “I love you” for Christofer.

Exclusive Fani and Christofer

© Readings
Exclusive Fani and Christofer

A letter that keeps a lot of love and that they have excited a lot of Fani, who has also had some nice words for his ‘cuqui’: “Written by my son for his dad. This should never be lost or thrown away. He is a very grateful child, thanks for caring and loving him“.

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