The Government of Navarra allocates 4.25 million to promote 40 infrastructure improvement works in the Ribera

The Government of Navarra allocates 4.25 million to promote 40 infrastructure improvement works in the Ribera

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The Minister of Territorial Cohesion of the Executive, Bernardo Ciriza, and the General Director of Local Administration and Depopulation, Jesus Mari Rodriguez, visited Friday along with the mayor of Cintruenigo, Oscar Bea Trincado, the work done on the reform of two streets neighborhoods of the town and the renovation of public lighting, which have had an investment of 650,000 euros by the Regional Executive.

During the visit they have checked the interventions carried out in two neighborhoods; On the one hand, the Strait Road and Jamaica Cooperative streets have been performed, and on the other hand, the Fortun Garces, Inigo Arista and Inigo de Loyola streets have been renovated. During the works, the supply, sanitation and rainwater networks have been renewed, including household connections and the connection to current networks. Subsequently, new sidewalks of hydraulic tiles and concrete paving have been executed, except in Inigo de Loyola Street, which has been finished in asphalt agglomerate. It has also proceeded to renew the lighting wiring of the renovated streets. The works have been carried out by Construcciones y Excavaciones Erri Berri SL.

The works carried out in Cintruenigo have also included the renovation of the pedestrian block lighting around Teobaldos street. In this case, the winning company Electricidad Cober SL has replaced the old luminaires with others of LED type.

All the actions carried out in Cintruenigo have had a total investment of one million euros, VAT included, of which the Government has contributed 655,500 euros (65%) through the IFS and the City Council has covered the rest of the financing .


The Financially Sustainable Investment Plan (IFS) promotes works to improve basic services in local entities and has included 40 actions distributed in a total of 13 locations in the Ribera region. The sum of the work involves a total investment of 6.6 million euros without VAT, of which the Regional Executive has contributed 4.25 million, 66% of the total, and the remaining 34% has been paid by the municipalities and associations.

Among the 40 works carried out, practically 50% have consisted of network renovation, which has added 19 performances. In addition, 16 paving works, 3 municipal building adaptation projects and 2 public lighting renovation projects have been executed, the Government has indicated.

By locations, works have been carried out in: Ablitas (renovation of networks and paving; 265,000 euros); Arguedas (renovation of networks and paving; 460,000 euros); Bunuel (renovation of networks and paving; 174,000 euros); Cabanillas (renovation of networks, paving and adaptation of access in sports facilities; 121,000 euros, with some works not completed within the established deadline); Cascante (renovation of networks and paving; 856,000 euros); Castejon (renovation of networks, paving and street lighting; 565,000 euros); Cintruenigo (renovation of networks, paving and street lighting; 665,500 euros); Corella (adaptation of accesses and pool beaches in the municipal sports complex; 119,000 euros); Cortes (renovation of networks and paving; 185,500 euros); Fitero (rehabilitation of the house of culture; 50,000 euros); Fontellas (renovation of networks and paving; 161,000 euros); Ribaforada (paving, 99,000 euros); and Valtierra (renovation of networks and paving; 545,000 euros).


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